PCCC 9: The King of All Tracksuits with Matt Fraction


Number Nine: in which we hop on the Cone Phone with the marvelous Matt Fraction! As the writer of the universally-acclaimed, breakout hit, Hawkeye, Matt provides some keen insight into his unique take on Clint Barton, the collaborative process with artist David Aja and colorist Matt Hollingsworth, and –probably most importantly– the origin of the Tracksuit Draculas. We also talk about some of the differences, both practical and philosophical,  between the New 52 and Marvel Now “relaunch” initiatives, what it’s like to tackle three new series at once, and some of the challenges associated with following Jonathan Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four and FF.

Matt shares his thoughts on digital comics, their potential impact on the future of the art and industry. He also teases us with a revelation that, digital evangelist and friend of the PCCC, Mark Waid is brewing something game-changing, at Thrillbent. We also talk about Satellite Sam, Matt’s upcoming collaboration with legendary creator, Howard Chaykin.

Why will Thor always beat Iron Man? Who killed JFK? Were you told the CIA version of Animal Farm? These questions and more to be answered in our final single-digit installment of the PCCC Podcast!

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